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Refugees and Migrants in Higher Education is a Course

Refugees and Migrants in Higher Education

Jun 18 - Jun 20, 2020

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Full course description

Forced displacement, as calculated by UNHCR, has now exceeded 68 million people worldwide.
The resulting influx of refugees to temporary and semi-permanent “host” countries has
prompted higher education institutions and policy actors to innovate pathways to tertiary
education. Concurrently, both “old” and “new” immigrant receiving contexts are called to
facilitate the tertiary access and attainment of students from a migrant background. This
population may include students of the so-called first, second, or third generations. In this
intensive weekend course, we probe questions of access and experience among migrant and
refugee populations as related to higher education institutions globally. We focus this
conversation on the post-1945 period, beginning our dialogue with a brief discussion of global
migration trends. We then begin a discussion of approaches to the support of migrant students
in key world regions, highlighting comparative data, before turning to refugee student support
in both “brick and mortar” as well as online settings. The final portion of the course allows for
an integrative discussion of educational equity and policy innovation supporting immigrant and
refugee students alike.

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